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I attended an Up The Buff trail race yesterday. I wasn’t running of course (that would be absurd) because I’m allergic to running. I saw an 11yr old boy with some rigid tape poking out from the top of this socks. I asked him what it was for. He told … Read More


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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared a number of articles about physical activity and exercise(s) specifically in relation to older adults. Listening to an episode of the Senior Rehab Podcast with Margaret Martin from March 14 last year (2016) ‘How to fight osteoporosis & build stronger bodies’ (here), … Read More

Low Value Healthcare

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*This* is why we’re so passionate about NOT signing people up to lengthy periods of treatment that they do not need. Published only a few days ago (Feb 28): Traeger AC, et al. Wise choices: making physiotherapy care more valuable. J Physiother. (2017) ➡️ Low-value healthcare broadly refers to the … Read More


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Of humility, C.S. Lewis said “humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” and Ezra Benson said “pride is concerned with who is right, humility is concerned with what is right.” I am a Dr of Physiotherapy. I received the Doctor of Physiotherapy Award for Academic … Read More

When Healthcare Fails

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I recently shared the heart-breaking story of the untimely passing of Talia Goldenberg here following elective surgery to fuse her neck. The article published in The Seattle Times this month paints a grim and damming picture of the healthcare system failing Talia, in particular the actions of her surgeon Dr … Read More

Patellofemoral pain

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So here’s my summary (plus some interpretation) of the editorial on the homeostasis model: There are several factors previously suggested to have been the cause of, or related to, PFP – strength, flexibility, patellar tracking, quadriceps angle, joint shape, depression, fear-avoidance – but there is insufficient evidence that any one … Read More


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It’s no secret that I use and promote the use of kettlebells for a wide range of conditions and benefits, painful shoulders included. Do I think they’re the “best” tool or exercise? No Can and will someone get better without a kettlebell? Absolutely! This study compared open-chain (like a kettlebell) … Read More