Scheurmann’s disease

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Scheurmann’s disease is a condition used to describe the shape of bones in the spine which create an excessive outward curvature or ‘hunch’. Normally rectangular front-to-back, vertebrae can instead develop as ‘wedge-shaped’ at the front. A diagnosis is given to a spine with a fixed (not ‘postural’) curvature of 45 … Read More

Let’s talk shoulder pain

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A lack of evidence doesn’t mean that something doesn’t work, but as soon as there is evidence of little or no specific benefit, the scientific process forces us to at the very least become skeptical; where there’s one failure, there will be more! Time and time again in Physiotherapy we’ve … Read More

The Science of Pain

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According to Aristotle, we have five senses – sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. Pain is not one of them. Check out the link in the comments to see where Aristotle missed a few. Pain is a feeling – an *experience* – but not a sensation. It sounds like semantics … Read More


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Are you doing 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week? 3 classes with our RKC instructor (the only RKC-Certified Dr of Physio in Australia!) would almost fill your quota! A great video to watch!

Australians are optimistic folk

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“Australians are optimistic folk, but we might think we’re healthier than we really are. ” An interesting article to read