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It’s no secret that I use and promote the use of kettlebells for a wide range of conditions and benefits, painful shoulders included. Do I think they’re the “best” tool or exercise? No Can and will someone get better without a kettlebell? Absolutely! This study compared open-chain (like a kettlebell) … Read More


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I think CrossFit is a fantastic sport…. if you have a body capable of doing it. If you want to start CrossFit, you may need to start with us first. You can and will get fitter and stronger with any exercise BUT, it’s not that simple with CrossFit. *Most* people … Read More

Dr Stuart McGill

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If you haven’t heard of Dr Stuart McGill (PhD), he’s a Professor of spine biomechanics at The University of Waterloo, Canada. He’s written several books, published over 240 clinical papers and quite the ‘big-wig’ in understanding physical health and rehabilitation. When Stu speaks, people listen. “Kettlebell work is not for … Read More


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I’ve been training regularly with weights for a quarter-century. My dad gave me a pair of 5kg dumbbells when I was 8 years old. I caught the strength and muscle-bug when I was about 16, thanks to mum bringing home body building magazines from work. I’m now 41. Those who … Read More