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Are you doing 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week? 3 classes with our RKC instructor (the only RKC-Certified Dr of Physio in Australia!) would almost fill your quota! A great video to watch!


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I think CrossFit is a fantastic sport…. if you have a body capable of doing it. If you want to start CrossFit, you may need to start with us first. You can and will get fitter and stronger with any exercise BUT, it’s not that simple with CrossFit. *Most* people … Read More

Just Load It

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Fantastic post by Erik Meira which floats my confirmation biases boat. “Load is simple but the effects are not. When someone simply moves against a weight, there is a lot of complex stuff going on. Structural. Neuromotor. Psychological. Hormonal. Cardiovascular. Expectancy violation. As physical therapists [Physiotherapists], the tool that … Read More

PRDIE Physiotherapy – Your VMO is weak

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“Your VMO is weak / inhibited/ switched off / not strong enough and you need to strengthen it”… In just two words, here’s why you shouldn’t ever hear those phrases from a Physiotherapist, Therapist or Personal Trainer. It’s garbage. 15-20 years ago, it was arguably the norm for therapists, clinicians … Read More