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Our Mission: To inspire people to live a healthier life and empower our clients to get more fun and enjoyment from the life they live.

We understand where you are coming from

Thank you for considering referring a patient to PRIDE Physiotherapy & Nutrition. We value our relationships with referring providers and understand that you want what is best for your patients. Dealing with our practice may be a unique experience for you. Here’s why:

Our Director Dr Ashlie Meigh (MBBS) is a Gold Coast born and raised GP Registrar, currently working in Palm Beach. From Ashlie’s experience with patients receiving Physiotherapy, we understand that what Doctors want and what their patients need is an active evidence-based intervention which creates self-efficacy, and our help guiding patients to become independent, not simply providing ineffective non-specific passive treatments.

Our clinical Director Neil Meigh gained his Doctor of Physiotherapy from Bond University, receiving the Australian Physiotherapy Association award for Excellence in 2012 with the highest Grade Point Average for the Program. He is frequently engaged with clinicians and therapists internationally as part of various special interest groups in pain science and Physiotherapy.

PRIDE Physiotherapy is a proud partner of the Gold Coast Primary Health Care Network as a specialised healthcare team member providing expertise in pain management, and we welcome GP referrals for eligible patients as part of the fully-funded Turning Pain into Gain Program. Neil provides weekly training to the cohorts of Physio students at Bond and Griffith University, with an emphasis on pain and therapeutic neuroscience education. We are extremely passionate about implementing contemporary best-practice in Physiotherapy.

Our Treatment Principles

Staying true to the science, not the fads

We are immune to the next great fad in rehabilitation and stay true to the core needs of the patient.

Our focus is on protecting injured structures to allow them time to heal while systematically increasing strength and tissue tolerance so the patient can return to their desired activities quickly and safely. For those with more persistent or chronic pain, we focus on graded exposure and encouraging self-efficacy to help address the psychosocial factors that may also be at play.

We love hard objective data. All our postoperative cases go through a comprehensive testing regime before return to sport. This includes the most advanced functional tests. It’s not just a judgement call, it’s an objective data call.


We openly communicate with all members of the patient’s medical team, making sure to speak the “medical language”. There will be no confusing Physio-specific jargon heading your way. We speak in direct terms of range of motion, strength, power, function, etc. All patients fill out scientifically validated patient reported outcomes specific to their injury on a monthly basis which are included in every physician report.

This also means the highest level of communication with our patients as well. We focus on the “4Es” of communication as outlined by the Institute for Healthcare Communication:

– Engaging the person
– Empathising with their concerns
– Educating, using clear, concise language and checking for understanding
– Enlisting the patient as a partner and focus of the care

A focus on exercise

Our main goal for rehabilitation is to get the patient stronger. We quickly find movements that are safe and tolerable and then begin building the patient up. We don’t give ineffective little “rehab exercises” but seek true measurable strength improvements. We know advanced principles of strength and conditioning – our Clinical Director is the only RKC-Certified Trainer, Exercise Scientist and Doctor of Physiotherapy in Australia. Appropriate cases are frequently evaluated demonstrating real, clinically relevant strength changes over time.

As one of the 5 concerns noted in the American Physical Therapy Association’s involvement in Choose Wisely, under-dosed exercise programs is a real problem in our profession. We take that seriously and make sure that strength gains are achieved by our patients in a safe and fun environment. Even for our older and/or disabled populations.

Appropriate Utilisation of Benefits

We only use what we need. Some patients only come in for a one-time visit. We also offer a second opinion service. For those that require more, frequency will often fluctuate under our care. Some need a few quick visits to get them going and then only come in for the occasional check-in. Others may just need the occasional check-in and time to heal during the protective phase after surgery and then more visits later as they are more aggressively building strength or returning to sport. We also like to focus on teaching patients self-management skills that they can use at home instead of clinic-focused care, making them more independent faster.

All of this is dependent on the patient and their specific situation. Many are motivated and know their way around a physical activity and a ‘gym’ setting already. Some are learning how to commit to a regular exercise program for the first time. Others simply have financial hardship – we are very willing to find a way to make accommodations for these patients as well.

Our Location

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