Our goal is to empower people with the knowledge and skills to help them live a healthier, happier life.


  1. Postoperative Management – get the most out of your orthopaedic surgery
  2. Conservative Injury Management – fast, targeted recovery for minor injuries that are holding you up
  3. Chronic Pain Management – specialised health care team member of the GC Primary Health Network
  4. One-time Visit – a quick check and some simple guidance
  5. Second Opinion Service – Let our Dr of Physiotherapy take a fresh look at your case and provide some additional insight
  6. Performance Coaching (Personal Training) – the quickest, safest, most efficient way to reach your physical best
  7. Group Exercise – prevention is better than cure improving each of the five components of health-related physical fitness
  8. Testing – pure objective data to help solve problems and monitor progress


Understanding your symptoms is the first step in regaining your physical health. Our role is to teach.


Developing physical skills is key to achieving self-management and independence. We coach movement and exercise.


We know how important it is to feel heard so we give you the time to tell us about you, your needs and goals. We listen.


If pain or discomfort is preventing you from doing what you want, we can help you feel more comfortable. We ‘treat’.

Our guarantee to you:

physiotherapy southport physio pain rehab
We *guarantee* your physical health will measurably improve.

Success is steady progress in reasonable time

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.

First we form habits. Then they form us.

The only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come.

If following our program does not create a measurable improvement in your health, we will refund your last month of payments and help you to find another program that better meets your needs.

Postoperative Management

get the most out of your orthopaedic surgery

Recovering from orthopaedic surgery can be a confusing journey. Having made the decision to undergo a surgical procedure, you want to make sure that you make the most of it! Optimal rehab is a perfect balance between too much and too little. Let us be your guide.

Whatever the procedure or level of complexity, PRIDE Physiotherapy can help you. Whether you simply need to return to home duties, work, or competitive sports performance, no case is too complicated or too advanced.

We have experience guiding patients from the initial phase of maximal protection through the progressive strengthening phase and then all the way to a safe return to sport. Every component is focused on what the research shows is most important. That way you get the most out of your surgery!

Conservative Injury Management

Fast, targeted recovery for minor injuries that are holding you up

Most orthopaedic injuries are minor and can be managed conservatively without the need for a surgeon. Our Physiotherapist can help you understand the details of your injury and the fastest, safest plan to return to your favourite activities as soon as possible. From tendon injuries to painful joints, muscle tears to bursitis, we have seen it all. We are up to date on the latest research to help you take charge of your injury, build you back up, and get you back out there. Often we can manage your symptoms without having to take you out of your favourite activities

Chronic Pain Management

PRIDE is a specialised health care team member of the Gold Coast Primary Health Network (GCPHN)

PRIDE Physiotherapy is a proud partner of the GCPHN as a specialised healthcare team member providing expertise in pain management. The Turning Pain into Gain Program is a fully subsidised self-management pain program and we welcome GP-referrals for eligible patients. We present up to date, evidence based information on how you can effectively treat and live well with persistent pain. Other team members include a pharmacist, GP, Dietician, pain educator, counsellor and psychologist. Having the right pain team is important to your ongoing care and we are pleased to be able to offer this service to those in need.

One-time Visit

A quick check and some simple guidance

Has your knee been bothering you when you run? Did you slip and felt something go in your hip? Has your shoulder been bothering you off and on for years? Have you twisted your ankle and would just like some quick instruction on how to manage it yourself? We are happy to take a quick look. Many patients don’t want formal rehab of a minor injury. They just want to know what is going on and whether they can/should do anything about it. Come in for a visit and we will give it a look and provide some thoughts on the situation. We can get you started on some simple exercises and send you on your way. Things going well but you want more information later? Come on back for a follow up visit –its up to you. We can even do simple monthly checks to re-evaluate and monitor progress. Don’t worry, if we see something that we feel is more serious, we will make a referral for you to see the appropriate provider for a complete assessment. We work with a wide range of doctors and surgeons that we trust as experts in their fields and are thoughtful and compassionate. Even after the referral, we can assist by overseeing the management of your case.

Second Opinion Service

Let our Dr of Physiotherapy take a fresh look at your case and provide some additional insight

You may already be seeing a Physiotherapist that you really like. Or maybe you are an athlete currently working with your teams sports medicine staff. But you or your medical provider would just like another set of eyes to look at your situation. With our second opinion service, we will review your case, conduct an independent evaluation, and make recommendations for areas of focus. You can then take this information back to your current provider to integrate into your ongoing plan of care. Rarely is this more than a one-time visit but we will continue to assist as desired

Performance Coaching (Personal Training)

improve movement and performance 1-on-1 for the quickest, safest, most effective results

Prevention is better than cure. Always. Whether you’re a professional sportsperson, weekend warrior, or not currently engaged in any dedicated physical activity, Personal Training with a Physiotherapist and qualified Coach is one of the best investments you can make to improve your physical health. Improving mobility, flexibility, balance, coordination, stability and strength all contribute toward improving your health and wellbeing – physically, mentally and emotionally. Training makes you more physically resilient and less likely to sustain an injury when the unexpected happens. Ask us about our PT packs

Group Exercise

The most cost-effective Physical Therapy – making the most of your health insurance

Research shows that individuals are more likely to succeed in reaching their goals when they participate in group exercise. It is also by far the most affordable option, starting from as little as $17/class *before* a health fund rebate. We offer two types of group exercise class – semi-private *tutoring* classes focusing on the acquisition of skill and competence and group *training* sessions. Both can be as comfortable or challenging as you want them to be. You can enter a training session as soon as you’re safe and competent to do so. Once you have learnt the fundamental skills of our training system, class-based exercise is the most affordable solution and we encourage everyone to be actively involved in physical activity, in line with Australian Physical Activity Guidelines. We offer single casual visits and 1-month pack options available for semi-private tutoring and group training.


pure objective data to help solve problems and monitor progress

We conduct a range of physical assessments which have been shown to be predictive of movement flaws, injuries, and increased risk of injury returning to sport; the Star Excursion Balance Test is one example. Objective measures provide us with measurable, meaningful data regarding your physical health, rehabilitation, performance and return to sport. More useful to all concerned than a simple judgement call by the therapist. Often this is an integrated part of the rehab process. As a *minimum* we routinely record and track the following physiological variables of individuals participating in group session:

●resting heart rate
● blood pressure
●muscle mass
● visceral fat
● metabolic age
● muscular strength and stability
● muscular endurance.


  • Connector.

    80 - INITIAL Assessment CONSULTATION

    3/4 hour *includes 15 minute complimentary

  • Connector.

    80 - Subsequent Standard Consultation

    1/2 hour

  • Connector.

    80 - Exercise Consultation 1-on-1

    3/4 hour

  • Connector.

    110 - Subsequent LONG (In-Room) CONSULTATION

    3/4 hour

  • Connector.


    1/4 hour * This is a follow up appointment after Assessment Consultation

  • Connector.

    27 - 35 - Semi Private Tutoring Class

    3/4 hour

  • Connector.

    17 - 25 - Training Class

    3/4 hour


If you would like to book an appointment you may:

  • Send us an email at and we will call or email you back
  • Call the practice on (07) 5532 3298 between 8am and 6pm Mon-Fri, or 8am to 12pm on Sat

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