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I think CrossFit is a fantastic sport…. if you have a body capable of doing it.

If you want to start CrossFit, you may need to start with us first.
You can and will get fitter and stronger with any exercise BUT, it’s not that simple with CrossFit.

*Most* people don’t have the mobility to perform a *good* barbell snatch with a broomstick. In that instance, doing that with just a 15/20kg barbell and no additional weights is a recipe for injury for a lot of people.

CrossFit demands a high level of fundamental movement competency. That’s before we consider trying to add additional layers of skill and performance to a poor foundation. If pushing body parts beyond what they’re capable of doesn’t create symptoms, then inappropriate training load probably will – going too hard too soon or having insufficient chronic training load. Nobody likes getting aches and pains from doing the things they enjoy.

CrossFit Coaches are great at coaching CrossFit. Very rarely are they qualified clinicians. Very recently on Channel 9 News CrossFit Coach, Physiotherapist and Neurosurgeon Dr David Johnson from City to Coast Neurosurgery was shown taking his patients with persistent low back pain into a CrossFit box as part of his Compound Functional Movement Training Program. Wonderful and hallelujah! They’re not ‘doing’ CrossFit though.

Our own functional training program at PRIDE Physiotherapy is an alternative to jumping straight into CrossFit. If that’s your exercise goal (doing CrossFit) then great, we applaud that! We can help you prepare your body to start doing it safely.

All of our classes are delivered by our Exercise Scientist, RKC-Instructor and Dr of Physiotherapy, Neil Meigh aka The Kettlebell Physio.

Our programs are simple, graded, sequential (learn the basics first), strategic (focus on what’s most important to you), safe and supported.

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