I am a 12 Percenter are you?

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“This is why the kettlebell is so important to impacting the habits of middle-aged adults. No other tool is so adaptable to the needs of the user and so accessible to nearly anyone who is willing to learn to use it.

Most striking, however, has been how one tool has helped maintain or improve all three major fitness components: strength, power, and endurance and we have not even tapped into the conversation about the impact that exercise—regular, vigorous, challenging exercise—can have on novel risk factors that we don’t routinely measure, such endothelial health, neurological function, clotting, and mental health.

And the best part? You can manage your risk factors and improve your journey through middle age with this cannonball with a handle. In the privacy of your home. In your hotel room. In your office. With friends. On your own. Inside. Outside. In the morning. In the evening. On holidays. Smart, demanding, safe kettlebell training is the end of the perpetual excuse machine. It is also the tool that opens doors to all kinds of possibilities, such as living longer by living better.”

I Am a 12-Percenter — Are You?

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