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“What’s that got to do with ‘Physiotherapy’? That sounds like a gym to me”…
Resistance training has EVERYTHING to do with Physiotherapy.
Take this systematic review of clinical trials for example:
It investigated the efficacy of resistance training as a therapeutic modality for a range of musculoskeletal conditions. It included 1545 patients, of which 549 had chronic low back pain, arguably the most common reason for someone seeing a Physio. Not only did resistance raining increase strength, but it was also shown to *decrease pain* and *improve functional ability* in patients suffering with low back pain.
If you’ve been suffering in pain, let us help you. Don’t suffer any longer!!
In the safe hands of an expert, using kettlebells correctly can be a wonderful tool for rehabilitation, as well as improving your overall health.
Our team of experts are ready to help you right now.
Book an appointment on-line or through the Pride Physiotherapy app today and let us help you build a strong, healthy body which feels a million dollars again.
Make your healthy a priority in 2016.

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