Top 8 Reasons why PRIDE Physiotherapy is different!

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The Top 8 reasons why PRIDE Physiotherapy is different:

1. Dedicated 1-on-1 time with your Physio – there’s no ducking in and out of rooms seeing several people at once.
2. Private treatment rooms – we don’t have shower curtains hanging from the ceiling.
3. No cookie cutter approach to assessment and treatment – we treat everyone as an individual
4. Hands-on treatment where indicated – you’re not left lying motionless on a table paying for a machine or a hot pack from the microwave. We use manual therapy sparingly because we can’t change anything from the outside of your body (nobody can!). We use the temporary changes in pain and movement from manual therapy to get you active as quickly as possible.
5. We use kettlebells. We have an active approach to improving your health and all components of health related physical fitness. We educate, inspire and motivate you to take ownership and accountability for your health and wellbeing. We don’t ‘fix’ you; that’s your job. It’s your body and your health; we’re here to help you reach and exceed ‘your’ goal as quickly and safely as possible.
6. No bullshit. If it isn’t helpful, we won’t sell it to you. We don’t do gait scans, ultrasound, “core-stability” exercises, orthotics or lotions either. The only items we do sell are kettlebells (see #5) and a fancy t-shirt so you show others how happy you are with your progress.
7. If we can’t help you feel better or significantly improve your physical health, we’ll do something to change that
8. Evidence-informed practice. Best-practice changes, and so do we. You can rest assured that you’ll always be receiving the best help (see #6)

Try us and see how we’re different

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