Written by someone far smarter than me

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Written by someone far smarter than me, but which I can most definitely relate to:

“I’m fascinated with the dissonance we all face when being introduce to these concepts. For myself, it was really really hard, moving away from the tissue-centered/tissue-explaining model. My entire professional identity went into chaos. It took me years to regroup, reconceptualize and redefine my work and my professional purpose. Pain science isn’t for sissies and it certainly isn’t a place for those of us with a heroes-complex. And if you didn’t know you had a heroes-complex pain science will certainly point it out. It’s a tough thing, admitting to how limited we are and how out of control things really are. It’s ego-depleting. In my own practice, I’ve had to move all of my focus away from me-centered (my goals, my knowing what’s best, my all powerful skill set) and into becoming a patient advocate. Even though I’m more clear how limited my skills are I think I’m producing about the same results. Sadly, I’m not as special as I thought I was but all-in-all it’s really had a profound change in my life in how I related to the people closest to me. In a way, all this pain science stuff has made room for more maturity in my life in ways I would have never expected.”

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